Uniform Benefits Cashback Card

If you are due a tax refund payment from us it will be made on a Uniform Benefits prepaid VISA card. This is NOT a credit card and you aren't obligated to pay any fees for it. You can use the card anywhere there is a VISA sign, either online or on the high-street, or you can draw your cash out at any ATM. The card also works with Apple Pay. Similar cards are sold elsewhere for between £2.99 and £9.99 but we give it to you for FREE with your tax rebate and we are the only tax rebate service that does that.

You can use this card with any of the brands listed on this page to earn up to 5% cashback. Sometimes up to 10% cashback is available so please check back regularly for current offers. We recommend you bookmark this page so you can check where you can earn cashback.

You can continue to use the card and earn cashback even after you have spent your refund. You get credited with cashback when you top up your card with cash. Although you can use your card anywhere with the VISA sign or draw your refund out at an ATM, to ensure you get the best value by earning cashback you should consider spending as much as possible with the brands on this list.

Double up the discount?

Don’t forget you can also earn cashback on top of the discounts and offers on our website. Simply choose the deal you want and pay for your purchase with your Uniform Benefits cashback card.

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