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17.5% Off CHILI credit at Chili

£10 worth of credit for only £8.25

This discount from Chili is free to use for Uniform Benefits users. Uniform Benefits provides free NHS discounts, bluelight discounts, discounts for teachers, armed forces discounts, discounts for volunteers and also discounts for uniformed workers. If you are a member then you can sign in here or if you would like to join for free you can do so by clicking the link here.

Choose from tens of thousands of movie classics or the latest home releases, saving 17.5% off your home entertainment in the process with CHILI! There’s no fees or subscription needed, plus you can watch it on your SMART TV, laptop or mobile device. Simply choose what you'd like to watch and enjoy the movie!

How to use this offer:

  • Exclusive access: Cinema Society is only for user groups like Uniform Benefits
  • Click on 'Get Deal' above. This will pre-authorise your entry to the site without needing an access code and allow you to register your details
  • Complete your details in full. Once registered, you can then log into their site whenever you like to buy without having to register every time